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Why Buy From Us?

Why Buy From Us?

1. Competitive Pricing!

Did you know that we match pricing on all heartworm and flea products that we carry? When you buy from us, we often have promotions and rebates available making your price, per dose, less than the big Internet pharmacies.

2. We know your pet better than anyone!

All prescriptions ordered are processed through our office, initiating a review of your pet’s medical history. When it comes to the right medication for your pet and being sure that it is safe to use, we know your pets best!

3. All of our products come directly from the manufacturer!

We stand behind our products 100 %. The manufacturer’s warranty is void if the prescription is not filled by an authorized distributor (1-800 PetMeds, Costco and Wal-Mart, to name a few, are NOT authorized distributors).

4. Support for your local pet care providers!

Since the cost is similar why not purchase locally? Your support allows us to continue to provide high quality medicine and full service hospital, with a caring, knowledgeable, and skilled staff.