Our staff and doctors have recognized these precious pets by making a donation to our Helping Paws Program in their name.

Mohnacky Animal Hospitals has always found ways to give back to the community and our Helping Paws Military Appreciation Program is our most aggressive initiate to date. It is a way to assure that our fine men and women in the military do not get overlooked and we feel that their sacrifices and unconditional commitments deserve special recognition.

Our mission is to be a resource to our fine military families and help them make healthy choices for their pet’s including the prevention of economic euthanasia during any crisis. By creating peace of mind we hope to enhance and strengthen the human-animal bond for our military personnel.

Shirley Rodney
Beamer Riley
Bob Schmidt
Phoebe Johnson
Chloe Madrigal
Sakee Castillo
Peanut Wade
Chloe Academia
Chloe Aloisi
Wiki Andava
Madeline Bachnick
Juno Balcom
Pico Ballard
Diego Barrack
Ceili Berlinguette
Frodo Berner
Toby Berry
Baleigh Budge
Scamp Cange
Violet Carroll
Bailey Carter
Ollie Chaney
Princess Peanut Clark
Ziggy Colbert
Bogey Cook
Ellie Cooper
Blackie Dawes
AvaGrace DeRoule
Diesel Deupree
Halen Drake
Jesse Drew
Jerry Engebretsen
Liberty Estes
Gunner Finch
Martha Flees
Bobby Flood
Cassidy Foxworth
Penny Fricke
Thumper Gambill
Noodle Gnazzo
Heido Rose Graniero
Chipper Grindle
Bubba Haskell
Monty Hawkins
Hawk Hershfeld
Carson Hillegas
Chloe Hoffman
Sidney Hogan
Denali Hulton
Wendy Johnson
Huck Kassel
Chloe Koer
Callie Kristensen
Koda Kruse
Snickers Kurka
Rocky Lenze
Duffy Little
Chewy Looney
Choco Madrid
Buddah Manor
Zoey McCollom
Mango Mercado
Hannah Merideth
Cooper Miller
Amber Miller
Pepper Moran
Max Moyer
Rocco Nalbantian
Duke Niestas
Riley Nuernberger
Zinnia O’Brien
Rebecca Olivares
Turk Orrell
Chinook Parker
Missy Paul
Sam Pendry
Forrest Pharies
Skokie Pharies
Gidget Pileggi
Gotti Pohlman
Ozzy Reed
Buddy Rich-Doyle
Christian Risher
Boots Rodriguez
Kitty Rodriguez
Diamond Rush
Lucy Schelley
Charlie Shea
Faith Sierra
Tonka Sierra
Taunie Siguardson
Chole Silva
Faith Silva
Bobbie Smith
Jake Smithers
Zoie Spaulding
Ivy Tanner
Brisco Thompson
Taz Tierney
Lizzie Turner
Cali Venegas
Rocky Wayland
Baby Wendt
Bella Wolever
Tiger Wright
Hanz Wright
Charlie Wright
Gizmo Yniguez