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Bella G.

Bella G.

5 Stars

My family has been clients of Mohnacky for 10+ years. I have a lot of love for the workers of this vet and would love to share my experience.

I had a bit of a communication hiccup with a vet tech in terms of handling my newest rescue, but it was quickly resolved by the fantastic team. The executive director and her assistant we’re absolutely amazing and reassured me that my baby will always be in safe hands and handled with care. She has a serious fear of strangers and the vet in general, due to her past history. I am so grateful for the amount of genuine effort, care, and kindest these two women gave us during our next visit. The communication is beyond a clients expectation and so personable, I don’t think I will ever go to another vet for services again thanks to their amazing bedside manner and hospitality.

My other baby, also a rescue, had another case of colitis due to his weakened immune system from his previous life in Mexico. Mohnacky made sure to be very diligent with checking his blood work, x rays, stool samples, etc. The hardest part about being a dog mom is not being able to help them when they’re sick, so again I am so grateful for this amazing team and their hard work. I’ve been to previous vets before a little more local to my area, but I promise you driving 35+ miles to ensure that my dogs are getting the best care they could possibly receive is worth it. Other vets are very bland and lack that “I love my job” vibe. These workers love their job and the animals in their care, and to me, that’s EVERYTHING.

Special shout-out to the receptionist Heather, director and director assistant Lily & Heather, and my favorite vet tech Ariel. You’re angels! Thank you for taking care of my babies Lucy and Lando, and my families pups Sydney, Sam, & Hugo. Thank you again for amazing service.