Katherine P

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I was referred to Mohnacky by a current client and am very happy I took her advice. Patchy is healthy except for inherited bad dental issues. We took him in for an overdue dental scaling and it turned into a complicated extraction of 4 teeth! It was very stressful for us both financially and emotionally. Patchy is very sensitive to anesthesia and has seizures so we were very anxious.

Kitt Mueller put us at ease and took the time to do a great job on Patchy’s complicated extractions. She showed us the X-rays and took time to explain everything to us in detail. I took him back a few days later just to be sure all was healing as it should and due to signs of pain. She was great, providing peace of mind confirming no sign of infection.

The staff was gracious and helpful and understood our need to keep the cost down as much as possible. I’m very happy with Mohnacky and am glad we found them! Thank you!

Katherine P March 7, 2018

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