dvm2 (29)Dogs and cats most definitely feel pain.  Pain in animals, just like in people, contributes to slower recovery times post surgery, delays the desire to eat normally, and changes behavior.  Dogs and cats, especially, are designed to conceal their pain from the outside world.  So small changes in behavior can be a signal that your pet is experiencing pain.  Changes in eating habits, personality, their level of exercise, and “crying out” can all be signs of pain.

Our veterinarians, use a variety of drugs to prevent and treat pain in your pets.  Currently, pain management is a hot topic in veterinary medicine today.

Signs of Pain
Our veterinarians at Mohnacky Animal Hospital use a number of drugs (MULTI-MODAL THERAPY) to establish your pet’s pain management plan.  These are just a few of the drugs and ways our veterinarians treat your pets.

NEVER give your pet a medication without first consulting a veterinarian.  NEVER give your pet one of your medications.  Most often human medications are too strong for dogs and cats.  Some over-the-counter medications given to humans can KILL a cat or dog.

Click here to read about How To Tell If Your Dog Is In Pain
Click here to read about How To Tell If Your Cat Is In Pain