Pet Personal Hygiene Services

dog taking bath
Mohnacky Animal Hospital of Escondido provides bathing as well as limited grooming services.

We utilize the Hydrosurge forced water-bathing system. The hydrosurge bath mixes water with shampoo in a spray that penetrates down to your pet’s skin to leave him/her cleaner and feeling refreshed. In addition, you pet’s hair coat will be forced-air blow dried and brushed out. Every bathing experience also includes a nail trim, ear wipe and anal gland expression.

Our grooming services include whole body shave downs, minor hair matt removals and sanitary shaves. Please contact our office to make an appointment today.

A pre-grooming examination may be required for your pet prior to bathing services.

We are not a full service grooming facility. We offer referrals to First Class Pet Salon if you reside in Vista or Escondido. Carlsbad residents we refer to Muddy Paws Pet Salon.