Escondido Expert Dew Claw Removal ServicesDew claws are the small, often non-weight bearing claws located on the inner side of a dog’s front or rear legs. While dew claws can serve a functional purpose, they are more prone to injury and tearing due to their position. In some cases, dew claws may become problematic, causing pain or discomfort for your pet. In such situations, dew claw removal may be recommended to prevent further complications and ensure your dog’s well-being.

At Mohnacky Animal Hospitals, our team of expert veterinarians has extensive knowledge and experience in dew claw removal procedures. We prioritize the safety and comfort of your pets and utilize advanced techniques to perform the surgery.

We believe in promoting the overall health and natural well-being of animals and since there are no medical reasons for procedures such as tail docking, declawing in felines or ear cropping we do not offer these services at our Escondido location.