Escondido OrthopedicsZoran Djordjevich, Chief Veterinarian, performs our veterinary orthopedic surgery for pets at Mohnacky Animal Hospital of Carlsbad. Dr. George has a strong interest in dog and cat orthopedic surgery, and has performed over 1100 procedures including TPLO (Tibial Plateau Leveling Osteotomy), TTA (Tibial Tuberosity Advancement), Patella Luxation Repair, Total Hip Replacement (THR), and a multitude of Fracture Repairs for the past 19 years at Mohnacky Animal Hospitals.
Total Hip Replacement (THR) surgery is the latest offering at our Carlsbad location. In 2010 Dr. George had the distinct honor of being the very first veterinarian to implant the Helica total hip replacement (THR) system’s smallest acetabular cup implant at just 24mm. Through his insight and ingenuity Dr. George modified the original protocol by introducing the implants through the far cortex of the femur – a technique that enhances the implant’s stability. This is now the nationally accepted standard for the Helica procedure.

Dr. George is also certified in Penn Hip Radiology techniques, which helps identify patients in need of hip procedures at an early age to help eliminate more radical or end stage procedures.

As MAH’s Chief Of Surgery, Dr. George provides valuable operational knowledge, insights and skills to all our doctors. He has the capacity to not only perform our orthopedic procedures, but we then have the luxury for a careful and complete follow-up by our in-house veterinary orthopedic surgical team which helps to ensure optimal patient recovery. Dr. George is always an available resource regarding orthopedic cases and offers courtesy consultations by appointment or referral basis.

Our patient’s are evaluated and consideration is based upon overall needs with our endpoint to create a most comfortable and pain-free environment as possible. When surgical intervention is needed, Dr. George will make the best recommendation based upon the pet’s total condition in order to preserve the best quality of life possible. Our doctors and staff at Mohnacky Animal Hospitals pride themselves as being a compassionate and caring team dedicated to best outcomes for our clients and their pets – our extended family!

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