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I love Monacky Escondido. It’s shows in every way just how much they care about my dachshund, Duke. Both of us just love Dr. Pryor, she’s awesome, and really knows her stuff!

Teri G March 7, 2018

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I was referred to Mohnacky by a current client and am very happy I took her advice. Patchy is healthy except for inherited bad dental issues. We took him in for an overdue dental scaling and it turned into a complicated extraction of 4 teeth! It was very stressful for us both financially and emotionally. Patchy is very sensitive to anesthesia and has seizures so we were very anxious.

Kitt Mueller put us at ease and took the time to do a great job on Patchy's complicated extractions. She showed us the X-rays and took time to explain everything to us in detail. I took him back a few days later just to be sure all was healing as it should and due to signs of pain. She was great, providing peace of mind confirming no sign of infection.

The staff was gracious and helpful and understood our need to keep the cost down as much as possible. I'm very happy with Mohnacky and am glad we found them! Thank you!

Katherine P March 7, 2018

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We are new to the area and recently had a pet emergency and found Mohnacky Animal hospital though an online search. They were able to get us in right away. The office was clean and the staff was very friendly. They even stayed late on a Saturday caring for our dog. Dr. Kitt was great. She took the time to talk to us about the procedure and address any of our concerns. We are so grateful for the great care we received, and will now take all of our pets to our new found vet, Dr. Kitt at Mohnacky Animal Hospital in Escondido.

Terri N March 7, 2018

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Brought our English Bulldog for a respiratory assessment and they were amazing. Personable reception staff and easily made an appointment same day. Dr Kitt was amazing and did a very thorough exam. She gave us many options, but was conservative in her approach and final recommendation. Lilly the vet tech was super friendly and walked us through every step of each option. We will be transitioning all of our pets medical needs to this facility.

Christine March 7, 2018

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Caring, excellent considerate staff always. I've never considered any other facility for the care of our dogs.

Lori G February 25, 2018

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Possibly the single greatest example of customer service I've ever seen. My favorite furry baby of all time passed away and the vet was truly amazing. The vet mailed the most heartwarming card after the fact. They have won me over for life!

Aaron H March 7, 2018

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We recently moved here from Colorado and were looking for a new vet. We tried another vet first and had a really bad experience so decided to give Mohnacky a try. This morning I took my dog in for a vaccination and to check a painful leg. From the moment we walked in we were welcomed and didn’t have to wait at all. The women at the front desk were all incredibly nice to my dog, as well as to me. The doctor was wonderful, getting down on the floor to make my dog comfortable and they were able to get X-rays without anesthetizing my 142 lb. dog. Finally, the cost was incredibly reasonable, much less than I expected to pay. I’m so relieved to have found such a good place for my animals.

Laura R March 7, 2018

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Mohnacky is a fantastic Animal Hospital with excellent service and care. Dr. Prior is a knowledgeable vet who is both friendly and professional to her patients and their owners.

Julie N March 7, 2018

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Always super with our fur babies! The office staff is always friendly and helpful!

Roze W March 7, 2018