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The story of REO,
Being new to San Diego and going through a rough time. I wanted to give my son something extra special for his birthday, hoping to fill a void, give him something to look forward to, I just wanted to see him smile again. I was at the mall and just happened to walk into a pet store. I immediately noticed the cutest little Boston terrier puppy, something about this little guy that made me purchased him on spot without hesitation, only with the condition they would hold him for a couple of days for the birthday surprise. The day prior to Nico birthday I decide to visit the pup at the pet store. I walked over to the window that housed our new little pup and I was appalled to what I was looking at. It had been about 48 hours since my purchase of him. The poor thing looked like he had lost weight, his ribcage was so sunken in, he respiratory rate was to fast for me to count, and he looked like he been standing all night. I immediately asked the store employee what was wrong with my dog. She stepped in the back and returned saying that she put the dog in the albuterol chamber and he was on kennel cough alert and that she would need to isolate him. After about 5 min or so she checked on the dog, returning saying she gave him another treatment. I told her that I wanted to see the dog ASAP. After returning with the dog, I took one close look at him and knew something was seriously wrong. I expressed my concern for the dog’s health and told her I was taking the dog to the emergency room ASAP. I immediately left with the poor little pup that was in respiratory distress. This is my first pet and I know nothing about animal hospitals, so I called a coworker who referred me to Mohnacky Animal Hospital. After calling and speaking to the staff, they squeezed us in for this emergency. Upon arriving to the animal hospital, puppy and myself were brought back to an exam room promptly. I told the story to vet as tears for this poor little puppy ran out the corner of my eye; my heart was heavy with disbelief and sadness over what was happening. After what seemed to be hours of testing the little guy was diagnosed with, Kennel cough, Anemia, Giardia, and Pneumonia that took all but ΒΌ of his lungs. This is why he could not sit, he couldn’t breath sitting. The little guy was able to come and meet his new brother; Happy Birthday Nico, here is your present, as I handed him this little 5lb puppy with an IV in his little foot, neck guard around his neck, and very sick looking. His new brother named him REO. After spending five full days at the vet, getting medication, and fluids and lots of TLC, Reo was well enough to be at home with his new family.

Now 7 years later, as I am sitting in the waiting room at Mohnacky animal Hosp waiting for Reo to return from getting his shots updated, I find myself recalling my first encounter with the staff at Mohnacky Animal Hospital back in November 2006. I must say the vets and staff at Mohnacky Animal Hospital saved this little puppy’s life. We cannot express our feelings for what they have done for us; the staff is caring, considerate, personable and professional EVERY time we come in.
Thank You,

Linda C. April 28, 2015