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I love 90% of this place. And especially Rochelle. I have taken my pup here for three years and my mother in law takes her dog here too.

The vet techs are so lovely and kind.

One of the vets who is an older guy got on my nerves. I took my pup here as a new new puppy and he started talking about all these conditions she may get end day because of her breed. And while I recognize certain breeds are more likely to get issues than others I’m still not gong to have surgery n my puppy because she may or may not get hip displaysia in 7 years…

But other than that guy I love everyone. There have been times when my pup had an ear infection and they showed me how to clean it and do all the proper care at home etc and another time she had an infection and they knew I couldn’t afford to keep coming in to have the dressing change so they made sure I knew how to do it.

On the whole I am very happy here. Just make sure you stand up for yourself and don’t get pressured into buying things you don’t need.

Anna P. April 28, 2015